About Richard


Unique one to one Shiatsu sessions in the heart of the Lake District

Richard Whiting MRSS (Member Registered to the Shiatsu Society) studied at the Shiatsu School Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh School has a rigorous training programme, with a reputation for producing well rounded professional Shiatsu practitioners.

During the three year course, Richard completed over 500 hours of training including more than 200 hours of peer reviewed hands on practice.

The course focused on personal development, ‘Ki’ awareness, developmental exercises, and an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology and professional and ethical practice.

The rigorous and extensive nature of this Shiatsu training sets the bar in holistic therapy and body work and has prepared Richard for solid professional practice over the long term.

 In addition, Richard has been practicing  Shiatsu with Continuous Professional development since 2015 and Thai Chi, Yoga and hands on healing work since 1996.

Richard is a professional Shiatsu practitioner and delivers unique one to one sessions from a compassionate and connected heart space.