The Treatment

Shiatsu works with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual spectrums of the human condition.
Working with the energy pathways in the body, Richard uses a wealth of experience and multiple techniques: acupoints, gentle pressure, micro-rotations, and joint mobility to open the body in order to promote circulation and flow.
Shiatsu engages the para-sympathetic nervous system, nourishing the body and the internal organs with the blood. From this place of absolute relaxation your body can begin to let go and heal.
Reduction of stress and tension in the body is fundamental to your well-being. Shiatsu will bring a deep sense of calm and serenity, as you reduce the resistance and stress, your body begins to operate more effectively tackling disfunction and imbalances from a more efficient and stable perspective.
Richard supports this space with a confident and gentle presence. By following the Fascia and responding with reciprocal movement with stretches and using expert intuitive body awareness and ‘Ki’ practice, your body can re- learn and experience the totality of its range.