Your Body tells the Story of your life

A good Shiatsu practitioner can read your body like a book.

Every aspect of your physical being, your muscle, your cells your stored emotions and memories tell a story.

Shiatsu can help you to peel apart the pages and as your body let’s go and gently unfolds the story of your life can open into a Song.

With powerful intuitive body awareness backed up by tens years of study and continuous professional development. Richard can help to turn your body’s’ story into Song. Tell the world your story. Feel free and live your life vividly.

Benefits of Shiatsu as Stated by Clients receiving Lake Shiatsu treatments.

Mental and Emotional Balance


Fluid Movement

Pain reduces or disappears

Fascial Release

Improved Circulation

Greater Presence



Re Balances Menstrual Cycle

A feeling of Serenity and Wellness

Eases Symptoms of Menapause

reconnect to the Body

Deliciously Nourishing!

A Real Treat!

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“People often ask me, what is Shiatsu?
There is no simple answer to this question. The only way to truly discover the wonder that is Shiatsu Touch, is to take the plunge and experience it at first hand.”